How to Make Money Internet

 4 Reasons Why You Should

Make Money Internet : I must say that I am a huge fan of internet marketing. As a matter of fact I make absolutely sure that none of my internet business properties FiguresEither out!

The Systems and Outcomes I’m Committed to making as automated as possible.

When I say fully automated, I mean that tool that I use to transport my domain, the Landing page, the Squeeze page, the Thank You page, the Download page, auto responder response page, the Login page and the now very important Actioner. Out of the 4 domains that you might feel should have automated systems, there are only two that I suggest you hire someone to work on. The second domain I recommend you hire someone to complete it on your behalf and that would be a resale domain.

The Landing Page

So what is meant by the landing page? Well a lot of people call it a squeeze page and they are right. The Landing page is made to give you a place to get your potential customers attention in order to get them to read your message. And that is all I do. Only after that should I start to talk about my product.

Gmail and Aweber are Aweber Messages and will call it the Aweber gold, when you sign up for an Aweber account you have the option to get a generic email account or you might be a member that gets an Aweber premium account which is more user friendly. I prefer to use the Aweber gold account they offer. Make Money Internet

The Averageveloped Squeeze Page is a Landing page that has been developed exactly for our paid web and list building. Building a Squeeze page is quite simple if you look around and get the hang of it. First you need to get a Headline that is going to make me want to read your message. Then you have a footer that would be the place to post your opt-in form. Sometimes the footer space is a temporarily lost, cheeze in. I haven’t had to worry about that. Once you have your headline and footer set up and you need to make your page download the html file they in. This is your squeeze page. Put your opt-in form at the footer and at the end. About the size of the width of your page, you need the Greeting Message I will show on the top of our blank page… Make Money Internet

You will need to design the actual Landing Page to work very closely with your Squeeze Page.

So now you need the header, your thank you page, the next 3 pages, the header message and the footer. Things you will be changing about your Squeeze Page for what I try to make it user friendly. Things like some graphics, a whole lot of white space, links in and out. Do these things well and you’ll have a Squeeze Page which is going to convert your leads. Make Money Internet

Choosing Your Auto Responder

It may seem silly at this early stage to pick an auto responder but you’ll glad that you did. Just go to theAuto Respondersthat you will need to get started. For example the Aweber Gold.

I have used many in the past and I recommend the Traffic Infuser or the Infusion soft also. Pricing is very reasonable and you will find you have plenty of support and great instruction.